Christmas in July: A Festive Summer Celebration

Christmas in July: A Festive Summer Celebration

While most of us associate Christmas with winter wonderlands, cozy fireplaces, and snowy landscapes, a growing number of people are embracing a unique twist on this beloved holiday: Christmas in July. This mid-year celebration brings the warmth and joy of Christmas into the sunny, carefree days of summer. But what is Christmas in July, and why has it become such a popular event? Let's dive into the history, traditions, and ways to celebrate this cheerful occasion.

The Origins of Christmas in July

The origins of Christmas in July are somewhat nebulous, with several stories contributing to its rise in popularity. One widely accepted account points to a summer camp in Brevard, North Carolina, where in 1933, the camp director organized a Christmas-themed celebration complete with carolers, a decorated tree, and even Santa Claus. This whimsical event brought so much joy to the campers that it became an annual tradition.

Another theory suggests that Christmas in July originated as a marketing strategy. Retailers, especially those in the Southern Hemisphere where July is wintertime, began offering Christmas-themed sales and promotions to boost mid-year sales. This concept was quickly adopted by businesses in the Northern Hemisphere as well, capitalizing on the novelty and fun of a summer Christmas.

Traditions and Celebrations

Christmas in July is a flexible holiday with no strict rules, allowing for a wide range of creative and enjoyable activities. Here are some popular ways people celebrate:

  1. Festive Parties: Hosting a Christmas-themed party in July is a great way to gather friends and family. Decorate with lights, tinsel, and ornaments, and don't forget the Christmas music! You can even organize a gift exchange or Secret Santa to add an extra layer of festive fun.
  1. Outdoor Barbecues: Take advantage of the warm weather by combining Christmas cheer with a summer barbecue. Grill up some delicious food, enjoy cold beverages, and decorate your backyard with Christmas lights and decorations.
  1. Poolside Celebrations: If you have access to a pool, why not throw a poolside Christmas party? Imagine floating in the pool with Christmas-themed inflatables, sipping on frozen cocktails, and enjoying the sun with holiday music playing in the background.
  1. Christmas Movies: Set up an outdoor movie night and screen classic Christmas movies under the stars. Films like "Home Alone," "Elf," and "The Grinch" can bring that holiday spirit to your summer night.
  1. Themed Crafts and Activities: Get crafty with Christmas-themed projects such as making ornaments, decorating cookies, or creating holiday wreaths. These activities are perfect for kids and adults alike and can be a great way to spend a summer afternoon.

For me Christmas in July is the perfect way to break up the year and bring the joy of Christmas into our homes during the summer.  During the entire month of July I only watch Christmas movies, mainly on Hallmark.  I listen to my Christmas in July playlist on Spotify and I have an Annual Christmas in July party.  However, I do not listen to traditional Christmas music or decorate with my December Christmas Decorations. My Christmas is July is all tropical Christmas music and décor.

Why Celebrate Christmas in July?

Celebrating Christmas in July offers a unique blend of nostalgia and novelty. It allows people to experience the joy and warmth of Christmas without the stress and hectic pace often associated with the holiday season in December. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s an opportunity to enjoy festive traditions in a completely different setting, creating new memories and traditions.

Additionally, Christmas in July can be a practical time for early Christmas shopping, taking advantage of sales and avoiding the December rush. It’s also a great way to support local businesses during a typically slower retail period.


Christmas in July is a delightful way to infuse some mid-year cheer into your life. Whether you choose to host a festive party, enjoy a themed barbecue, or simply watch Christmas movies with loved ones, this celebration is all about embracing the joy and magic of Christmas in a whole new light. So, dust off those decorations, put on your Santa hat, and spread some holiday spirit this summer!

Thank you for joining me in celebrating Christmas in July!  For some festive decorations, visit my website  See you there!

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